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The Catch
Have your camera ready at all times you never know when that once in a lifetime shot will come along. Remember to get the most important picture of the day. Your Catch!
Whales Bears
The ocean is home to many wildlife. From Bears rolling over rocks on shore to get a feast to Killer Whales hunting the shore
In most cases the pictures you will take will be on the water but with all the Sea Life around you never know what might show up at the lode. Maybe a Bald Eagle dropping in to see what you caught?
The majority of our guests use their phones today to take pictures but your are welcome to bring your camera just remember you are in a saltwater environment and you need to watch the elements.

Campbell River - Nootka Sound Pictures

There are a myriad of locations and scenic views from your boat as well as at your lodge. We have shown just a few above. Many of our clients just use their phone but many of you still use a camera remember to  bring a bag or case to protect it against the elements. 

  • Bear
  • Whales
  • Sea Lion
  • Bald Eagles
Fishing for Salmon on Boat